Sichuan Electronic Information Industry Rises Under a Win-Win Melody | Industrial

On July 10th, one of the 500 strong companies of world, Hewlett-Packard Co. signed a contract with Sichuan, aiming to establish IT software talents training base. The center will train 3000 to 5000 undergraduates every year, and Neijiang is the protagonist of the contract.On July 5th, 27 Sichuan enterprises and research institutes jointly set up Sichuan intelligent television industry alliance, shocking a new round of development dream under the support of “cloud computing”, and Mianyang is the industrial hero.In order to interpret the scenario of rising of Sichuan electronic information industry, every city and state launched a key episode. Leshan is the only area in the country that had formed a complete industrial chain in the aspect of silica materials and photovoltaic industry. Neijiang is building the largest electronic device production base in the western area. Guang’an recently passed the “national industrialization base of electronic information industry” planning.By 2015, Sichuan electronic information industry will achieve the main business income of over trillion Yuan. Grand blueprint is drawn, how do the related cities corporately play the “win-win” melody?The beginning of high tech development zone is closely related to the national development of electronic information technology. Before 2011, there were two national state-level high tech zones in Sichuan, one is in Chengdu and the other one is in Mianyang.Chengdu Hi-tech Zone last year achieved GDP706.5 billion Yuan, about 80% of the electronic information industry contribution. In Mianyang High-tech Zone, this industry accounted for over 60% of industry.Sichuan needs strong industrial support to accelerate the construction of western economy development heights. As the national economic industry, electronic information industry is put in the first place of 7+3 industrial development. However, it is impossible to develop the whole city with only one industrial chain.Another reality is, the arrival of world IT giant requires resource allocation in a wider area.Reviewing the development of electronic information industry in Sichuan, two enterprises cannot be missed out. One is Intel, the world’s largest chip maker. In 2003, Intel entered the province, having increased the investment three times with a total amount of 600000000 dollar, driving the formation of Sichuan’s integrated circuit design and manufacturing industrial chain. Intel’s role is to show the foreign businessmen a superior development environment in Sichuan.Another company is Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturing enterprises. Its moving to Sichuan directly led to the movement of hundreds of supporting enterprises. How the supporting enterprises can be placed and the regional division of labor and cooperation became a tough question.Electronic information industry has become the model of Sichuan industrial intensive development. Chengdu Hi-tech Zone covers an area of 130 square kilometers, accounting for only 2/1000 of the land area in Chengdu, but the GDP last year accounted for the city’s 1/10.Under the driving of high-end industry, a new city is rising. Chengdu Central Business District, with financial industry and headquarters economy as representative, is rapidly developing modern building economy and service industry, building a number of international hospital, international school and international community, and designing world class life, medical and educational services.Promoting new industrialization, new urbanization, electronics and information industry plays a pioneering role. The electronic information industry has become a model of industrial intensive development in Sichuan. then , then , then , then , then , then